Saturday, April 3, 2010


The guinea pig family have (mostly) left! Hooray! While of course we grew fond of them (and their new families better take good care of them), it will be nice to have a guinea pig free house. For a little while, at least. The birds are noise enough for us!
Nutella was the first to go, and she arrived back at the shelter yesterday. She's quite nervous so far, but I know that will pass. Nutella spends most of her time hanging onto the side of her cage, yelling at everybody who goes by. She's a lovely girl and I hope her new family appreciates her!
I thought it'd be fun to look at before and after photos of the two girls. Above is Honey when she was just over a week old. So tiny!
And here she is now!
The girls are six weeks old now, and they're going together. There should be a family picking them up within a few days, so they don't have long to wait! Everyone at the shelter was much amused by Honey's fur, which is tons of fur to play with. She has a lot of different hairstyles!
And here's Marmalade at just over a week.
And here she is now! Marmalade is the shyer of the two and spent most of her time hiding under the hay, while everyone awwed over Honey.
Bye, girls! Butterscotch, the only boy, is still at our house, but soon it'll be his turn to go soon.

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