Friday, April 2, 2010

Good (News) Friday

TGIF! Happy Easter everyone - and if you don't celebrate Easter, hey, happy long weekend!
I've had a very irritating week, and the shelter's been packed, so how about some good news?
First off, of course - Fred & George have found a new home! I wasn't there when they were adopted, so I've only heard that they were taken together. However, a woman was in earlier looking at them and I suspect it was her. I'm so glad they went together! There was a possibility they could have been separated in the first few months they were at the shelter, but they got to stay together and now they have a new home. What makes this even better is that now we have room! And it's Easter!
I really hope we hear from their new owners, because we got pretty attached to them!
Remember Allie? This six-year-old sweetie has been waiting six months for a family. She got sent to Kennel Cafe last month to better her chances, and while it's not 100% confirmed, it sounds like she could be going home at last!
And remember Ollie the budgie? He's got a great new home with his adoptive family! They sent me a wonderful update:

Hi Laura, funny, I was just thinking that I had to send these to you. We renamed Ollie "Crosby" (we're a hockey family and love Sydney Crosby), and he has settled in very well with Martin. Crosby's feathers are coming in very well, and he's fattening up already. He's very apprehensive still, but when he comes out of his cage, he will sit with Martin on the perch I keep next to my laptop in the kitchen, where they kiss each other and the mirror all day long.
Thank you again for following up.

Crosby, I love it! She sent a bunch of photos, these are just a few. Crosby obviously lucked out with his new family.
And for guinea pig news, Nutella (the momma in our little family) went back to the shelter today and is up for adoption. Her two little girls are going tomorrow tomorrow to meet up with their new family and go to their new home!
Nice start to the Easter weekend, overall!

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