Friday, May 21, 2010

The Cat

This is the saddest story I've heard in a long time. Can anybody help this guy?

A cat came to the shelter last week. He's around 8 years old, neutered and declawed - he's also dangerously obese and can barely get around. His owner had died, and no one realized for quite a while. We don't know how the cat survived, but by the time he arrived at the shelter, his coat was insanely matted. It looked like kittens clinging to him.
They shaved off the mats, and he loved it. He purred the entire time, his sweet personality shining through despite everything.
This guy's got a lot of issues, medically. They can't do any dental cleaning because the vet thinks he might not survive the anaesthesia. A geriatric blood profile revealed some issues as well, mostly with his liver. And now he has an Upper Respiratory Infection, and has stopped eating, which poses another huge risk to his health.
But despite all this, he's the sweetest boy. When I went in to take his photo, he started purring as soon as he saw me, and didn't stop until I left. He rolls over, loves to be brushed, and comes when you call him. He is so happy to have any human contact, he loves everybody.
All we want is to find someone who can take this guy, and keep him comfortable and well-loved for his last little while. The new owners shouldn't feel obligated to spend thousands of dollars to fix his health. They should try to bring his weight down, and he will need another blood test in 6 weeks. The vet will discuss all concerns with any potential adopters. If in the future, he needs to be euthanized, they can bring him back to the shelter. They're waiving the adoption fee for this guy, and new owners will only have to buy a $15 license.
This is a lot to ask, but we're going to try. This cat has been through such a hard time, and yet he's still the most loving, affectionate animal. It would be so great if we could find anyone willing to help him live the rest of his life in comfort.
Please spead his story to anyone who might be able to help! If you are interested, please contact the shelter or send an email immediately. Thank you.

Update: The cat has been named Luscious. If you contact the shelter about him, ask to speak to Natalie, Jenn or one of the vets.
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Caroline said...

Oh Laura, what a situation, poor guy, I hope he finds a great home but at least he was found by TAS and had his hairy kittens removed! I'm gonna make a note in the comment section of House of the Discarded to see if anyone there can help.

selkie said...

how sad! poor baby! But 8 years old isn't old at all for a cat?? Is it his medical issues? I really hope someone is able to take him. Sad too about his owner; how awful to die and no one knows or cares. That cat must have meant the world to them.

Biscuit said...

I even wonder whether all his medical issues might be related, maybe alleviating one will start a chain reaction of him getting better - the bad teeth and URI make him not eat, the inappetance makes his liver worse, and so on. I hope a nice calm happy foster home and some medication get him feeling much better soon. Poor big sweetie.