Friday, May 21, 2010


Roxy and Hermes the lovebirds have been adopted! Even though they weren't a pair, they were adopted together by a bird-experienced family (with two separate cages!). That means we only have one lovebird and it's a lot more peaceful in the Room.
But as always, a few go out, a few come in. We've got another new rabbit.
Isn't he a cutie? Smudge here is a transfer from the Etobicoke centre, because they're not equipped for rabbits. I was there the day he arrived, and he settled in immediately. Talk about an outgoing rabbit! He sticks his nose into everything and wants to meet everyone. He settled in so well, in fact, I took him out on the harness that same day.
He's quite the character. He's sweet but he's going to be a handful! Of course it'll help when he's neutered, since he's marking everything and showing up all the other guys in the room right now.

I also have an update on Luscious, that sad older cat from yesterday - he's found a foster home! The power of the Internet. It's not a permanent home, but at least he'll leave the shelter tomorrow and can be more comfortable. We are still hoping to find an adopter, so please continue to spread his story! Thanks!

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