Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update on Cat!

The new owners of Cat, the little Lionhead adopted from the adopt-a-thon, have sent an update!

Hi Laura,
Here's a picture and an update on "Cat" the Lionhead mix I adopted from Toronto Animal Services South in April. I decided to rename her "Crystal Blue" because of her amazing blue eyes! Crystal settled in quite nicely to her new home and loves roaming around with curiosity. She will often spread out under my chair to relax and enjoys playing with all her bunny toys when she is active. I just wanted to let you know that Crystal Blue is indeed a wonderful little rabbit who will always have a safe and happy forever home with me!
Another great update! You know, I was beginning to think that we wouldn't hear from any of the adopt-a-thon bunnies, but this is a good reminder to be patient! Most people don't send an update until over a month later, which is great because it's more of a long-term thing.
I never get sick of updates!

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EB said...

What a gorgeous bunny! The blue eyes, the dutchie markings, the cute lionhead mane... awwwww :)