Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Odds and Ends

It's been a bit of a weird couple of days for me, with a lot of things going in a million different directions, so this post will also be all over the map.
Firstly, isn't this the cutest photo you've ever seen? My goodness, I can't stop looking at it. I didn't take it, but I adore it - that's Ana, the shelter's cranky Rex. You'd never guess it to look at her!
Do you remember the Quebec hamsters? Well, we still have one of them, which is ridiculous. We've been fostering Marianne for almost three months now, but it's mostly my fault because I haven't had time to really concentrate on socializing her. She doesn't care, happy to be left alone in her four-story monstrosity of a cage, but I would like her out of my house. Luckily I'm now out of school for the summer, so I've started working with her much more - optimistically, I'm hoping to bring her to the shelter next week. It'd be nice to bring her in while there's lots of room.

Right now there are three rabbits at the shelter (Ana, Starbuck and Ariel), and we are looking at a possible transfer of two hamsters from another TAS location. If I bring in Marianne, we'll have an equal number of hamsters and rabbits, how weird is that?
Apparently there are two nice cockatiels at the shelter now. Nice cockatiels, what is this? We don't get nice birds, we get irritable, untamed birds that have never been socialized. I am excited to meet them tomorrow.

Sometimes I get frustrated at how little people know about TAS. It'd be nice to just stake a giant billboard downtown that says, 'COME TO TAS SOUTH - WE DO ACTUALLY HAVE ANIMALS FOR ADOPTION, AND WE'RE NOT EVIL DOG CATCHERS, REALLY!' It would do wonders for their public image.
And now I'm going to stop this blog post because I'm just typing whatever pops into my head. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some nice tiel stories to share.

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