Thursday, May 6, 2010

Update on Weezer

Weezer was a lovely cat who was at the shelter for about two months (he was on the blog here). He got adopted at the Petsmart adopt-a-thon last weekend, and his new family has already sent us an adorable update, written from Weezer's perspective.

Hi - Weezer here. Just wanted to give you an update on the new home. So far, things are going pretty well. Apart from the two humans (more on them later), there are some resident animals as well. A couple of somewht over-friendly and oafish Labrador Retrievers and a rather put-out female tabby cat. By the end of day two here the dogs and I had reached an understanding - i.e., don't crowd me with those huge noses and nobody gets hurt! Milo, the resident cat, poses more of challenge - she views me as a brazen interloper and has made her feelings clear in no uncertain terms several times, but I remain unscathed and undaunted. I am confident that patience, along with my innate charm and gentlemanly manners will win her over.
As for the humans, they seem very kind and affectionate (apparently they think I'm awesome) - I'm growing especially fond of the boy...the grub is good and litter box is clean. While I fear my days of hunting glory outdoors are over, there appearss to be enough here to keep me amused indoors - plenty of running room, scratching things, cat toys (even the dog toys are amusing!), lots of windows for watching things...
Well, that's it for now. Picture attached - sorry it's a bit fuzzy, I blame the dogs. Best to all my friends down at TAS,

I especially like that they signed it 'W.'. They also attached a photo - looks like Weezer found a great home!

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