Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tiel Time

I am such a sucker for birds. The minute a bird arrives at the shelter, all the other animals get slightly more ignored. I just can't resist talking to them, playing with them, giving them kisses. I learned my lesson early on about fostering - never foster a bird, I can't give them back.
I especially can't resist a cockatiel. They are such characters, and I'm so comfortable with them since my first bird was a tiel, and she's still my lovely girl.
Tiel attitude!
I've already fallen in love with these two. I'm sure they're already gone since birds never last long, but it had better be to a good home.
Sharkey is a White-Face Pied. He is the sweetest thing in the world (besides my tiel of course!) and instantly became my buddy. He is very chatty but doesn't shriek. He just wanted to sit with me as long as I was there, he clearly loves people. When I kissed him, he made kissing noises back! Someone, at some point, clearly spent time with these birds.
Sweety is a Lutino. She's not quite tame - she'll only step up if she has to. But she does like to sit on you of her own accord. She loves Sharkey and gets very upset if she can't see him. Sweety talks up a STORM, holy moly.
He's so darling, it kills me.
These two came in weird circumstances. Someone clearly spent time with these birds and trained and socialized them (and spent money - these morphs are usually worth $200 each), but I rather doubt it was their last owner. They came in a small box and their feathers were all dirty - we realized most of it was dried blood. What probably happened was that they were in a small cage and thrashed around (as cockatiels do), catching and breaking their feathers.
When I gave them a bath, they were most grateful. You can see how filthy his wings are here. Sweety looked even worse.
Wet birdy!
Anyway, they seem no worse for the wear, but something weird happened along the way to these two. You wouldn't think it to meet them, they're so sweet.
So what was the reason listed for surrendering these two incredibly lovable birds? "Too hyper"

Yeah, whatever, old owners. These guys are going to find someone way better than you to love them for the next thirty years, as they deserve.

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Caroline said...

Hi Laura,

Those birds are so cute! Love the video.