Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Amazon, A Pigeon, and A Pair of Ducks

I'm back! I was away for a week working at a camp. I think I went into shelter withdrawal!
I came back to many new faces and a few adoptions. We got quite a few unusual birds! This blog title sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but all three of those unexpected visitors showed up at the shelter over the past week. Check out this guy:
Isn't he gorgeous? I completely fell in love with him! I love larger parrots. They have such a presence about them. This guy is an Orange-Winged Amazon, and he was totally tame and sweet.
He would say 'hello' to you and happily get scratches and treats. What an awesome bird!
I'm thrilled to say that his owner showed up the day after I took these photos. They had paperwork for him and everything, and were so happy to have him back. This lovely boy is once again safe at home!
This handsome boy was sharing the room with the Amazon. He's a racing pigeon, identified by the bands on his legs. His owners were tracked through the bands and should be picking him up this week. I don't think he won the race, but he's getting home safely!
Have I ever mentioned that I love ducks? These two tame ducks showed up at the shelter somehow last week. They're currently living in a stall in the barn (we are attached to the Horse Palace, after all), and awaiting their new home. I don't think it's quite all worked out yet, but the shelter has a few places where they usually send all the ducks and chickens. These two will end up somewhere nice.

Sometimes the most interesting stuff in the shelter goes on behind the scenes. None of these guys ever made it to adoption or the public area. They all got happy endings though!
Lots of news to write about in upcoming posts. Two rabbits and a lovebird (finally!) got adopted in the last week, plus I have a few updates, there's a new gerbil and a few rabbits, and there's an overload of cats. Never a dull day!

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Caroline said...

Hey Laura,

Glad you're back, I've missed your posts.