Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cat Interlude #11

Bolts: This little guy is a lot of fun, he's full of energy. He's got this cute little white tip to his tail and he's bursting with personality.
Dunlop: A super-sweet cat, he's also quite shy, so you need a little patience with him. But he's a doll if you take the time, very cuddly and gentle.
Pica: This beautiful girl was surrendered by her owners with kittens at the beginning of May. The value of spaying cannot be overrated! She seemed shy in the cage, but when I let her out she turned into a total sweetheart. She's very affectionate!
This cutie is so far nameless. He's one of Pica's kittens, and of course, he resembles a bouncy ball more than a cat. He was with his (identical!) brother, but one of them was adopted. I'm sure he won't need to wait long.

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