Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh Glorious Youtube

There is nothing better than Youtube when it comes to wasting time. The other day, I had nothing to post on the TAS Facebook page, so I had the brilliant idea to search for 'animal adoption' videos on Youtube. I found one to post, but I also found a whole bunch of others that are just awesome! Some of them are ads for very creative shelters, some of them just general information, all of them are fun to watch (no sobby sad-dog-through-bars videos here!).

Ha, I love this one. I've been singing this song ever since I found it. "Adopt a dog, adopt a big dog, unless you have, a small apartment..."

The Shelter Pet Project is a great movement to try and make shelters the No. 1 choice for pets for the general public. It always bugs me that they only ever mention cats and dogs, but why should they be different than anyone else, I suppose. Anyway, they made some fantastic ads. I love the affair one the most, but 'ditched' is also excellent:

This one is just cute. And true. Rescued animals are very rewarding....but not the instant you arrive home! I love the cat's expression when he's under the couch.

Youtube is such a goldmine. Though I searched, however, I couldn't find any good 'adopt a bunny' (or other small animal) videos. Darn, guess I'll have to keep looking at animal videos to find them...

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Caroline said...

Love the videos!