Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pocket Pets

I can never decide if I like the term 'pocket pets' or not. We got three rodents from North this weekend! What's that, you say? We were only planning on getting two hamsters? Well, yes. Somehow we got a rat as well. Hm.
Jojo is a golden hamster, and just about the cutest little thing ever. Look at that soft, shiny coat! And those adorable dark ears! Aw. He's sweet, too, and friendly. I bet he won't last the week.
This hammy girl doesn't have a name yet. She's shy but very easy to handle. She's also HUUUUGE! Holy moly! I thought she was a guinea pig at first. Maybe I'm just too used to dwarf hamsters. This (freakishly large) hamster was left on someone's doorstep with a note. I have to say, I wonder what that note said. "Oops, turns out I'm too lazy to even take care of a hamster"?
And here's Wiggins, our bonus rat. S/he is just a baby, a little Dumbo Rat (look at the big ears!). S/he's a cutie, but quite shy - squeaks up a storm when you try to hold her. As you can see, I am terrible at photographing rats.

Coco the guinea pig has been adopted! And the nice young budgie was taken by a family. Kiwi has also been adopted, and so we are down to one bird, Sugar! Lately we've been doing quite well on small animal adoptions except rabbits - where are you, rabbit adopters?

1 comment:

andrea said...

"Oops to lazy to take care of a hamster"
you made me laugh out loud very literally with that

perhaps it said

"I'm moving" or

"I have allergies"

I am so very very sick of people making excuses and abdicating responsibility for things they take on
I love your pictures - please keep up the good work!