Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What in the world is a 'chukar'?
It's this pretty little game bird:
That's something you don't see every day at the shelter! This little guy was found as a stray yesterday and brought to the shelter. From the sounds of it, there's already a home ready to take him.
I just can't get over the name - chukar! It's so much fun to say. If I had a chukar, I wouldn't name it anything else, I'd just call it 'chukar'.
On the less exotic side, this is Windy the budgie, who arrived as a stray last week. I'm pretty sure his stray hold is about to run out, so anybody who wants this rather twitchy little guy can come on down!
And this incredibly cute little sweetheart is Sabrina, the scrawny little Dutch I keep talking about. We suspect she's blind, although I'm not sure we've gotten veterinary confirmation on that yet. She is just about the most affectionate little rabbit ever, she's awesome!

We're behind on spaying because we couldn't do it this weekend, so even though we now have 7 rabbits, only three (Ana, Ariel and Penny) are up for adoption. Pongo at Petsmart got adopted the other day! So Penny is heading out to the store to try her chances. We only have females right now, for some reason.
Hey - go check out our Facebook page, I recently discovered how to upload videos!

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