Wednesday, June 30, 2010

URGENT Need for Foster/Forever Homes!

PLEASE READ and help! This is an urgent call for small animal adoptions! Spread the word!
Today, approximately 50 small animals arrived at TAS South. About 35 hamsters, 3 rats, and a whole bunch of rabbits. They all came from a hoarder, who dumped them on a pet store, who dumped them on us. None of the rodents had had water or food for quite a while. The Room was already full. I'm happy to say that Jojo was adopted today, and Sabrina was also adopted, to be picked up on Friday! THANK YOU to that adopter!
We still have NO ROOM.
Unfortunately Rabbit Rescue has no room right now for rabbits. Sadly, some of the hoarder's rabbits did not pass the health check and had to be put down. But we still have 6 new, young rabbits that we need to place.
This little girl has been named Coraline. I'm fostering her until we have room. There is one other new female and 5 males. All of them are very cute and young, and quite sociable. Plus we still have Ana, Ariel, Penny, Snowflake & Caramel, and Matilda up for adoption. All of them have been spayed, the new boys will be neutered Friday I believe. If you have been looking for a bunny, PLEASE look at ours right now! I will post photos of all the new ones tomorrow.
This is Thelma, she came in with her sister Louise a few days ago. We got three new rats from the hoarder, plus we have that pair of girls and Wiggins. Rats are very hard to find homes for, much less 6. They are wonderful, intelligent animals and deserve a home as much as any other pet!
Then we have the hamsters. Rabbit Rescue agreed to take all the Black Bear Hamsters, so they took 9 adult hamsters plus a litter of newborns for their foster system. I took the rest of them as a short-term foster. There are 6 (including the two above) females who are approx. 6 weeks old and fairly friendly. There is also a mottled black/white guy who is going to need a loving home and more socialization.
This is Sarah Jane, who is much more gorgeous than she looks in this picture. She is quite tame and currently with her approx. 4-wk-old daughter, but they will be separated when the daughter is old enough. Finally, there's Minerva, a momma hamster with 9 newborns, so young they don't even have fur.

These guys NEED homes, or at least foster homes who will be willing to care for them until the shelter has space to keep them. Right now we literally do not have the physical space for them! Hamsters are cute, small, no trouble, and only live a few years. I know we can find homes for all these guys but we need serious help - if you have room for a hamster, or ever thought of having a rodent - please, please consider adopting now!
SPREAD THE WORD - any way you can! Tell your friends! Help us find these guys proper homes!
Thank you!
If you can foster or adopt, please email me immediately!

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