Friday, July 2, 2010

Rabbit & Rat Round-Up

It's been overwhelming the past few days, trying to find a place for all these animals. Currently, all the hamsters are in foster care. Rabbit Rescue has 20 Black Bear hammies (I love the huge red HAMSTER EMERGENCY on their homepage). I have nine Syrian at my house, plus Minerva, who has a large amount of newborns. All the stress already prompted her to eat one of them, so I'm not going to bother counting them until they're at least a week old. I'll post photos of my foster hammies later.
So now that the hamsters are squared away (for the moment), it's time to focus on the rabbits and rats. And there are a lot of them.
Lucky: Broken Polish breed, young male, incredibly calm and friendly. He's in a dog room in a shelter, yet he's still as calm and cool as could be. He's awesome!
Sherlock: Poor Sherlock is NOT as calm and cool as could be - he's quite skittish at the moment! He is a sweetie and very gentle once you pick him up, but all the new noises scare him and he spends most of his time huddled in the corner.
Checkers: One of three Dutch babies, Checkers is quite friendly and social already.
No Name: Another one of the three babies, this little one is by far the most outgoing and nosy!
No Name: The last of the babies, this little one is the shyest of the three, but she's still very easy to handle. Look at that sweet face!
Albus: This tiny guy is only a few weeks old. He seems to be doing ok on his own but we're keeping an eye on him. He's very friendly - and fast!
Big Ben: This guy is huge! He talks a lot. He's quite the character and very nosy about everything.
Maisy: Maisy is a sweet young girl who is posing a bit of a problem. We're 99% sure she's pregnant, since she's been with Big Ben for a week. So what do we do with her? She'll need a foster home, then those babies will need homes. Rats make a lot of babies. We can't even find a home for Wiggins, will we be able to find homes for all those pups? This is an impossible situation.

Every time I think it's all sorted out, something else comes up. I think we can do this. I hope so!
To the guy who made all of these little ones: Thanks a lot.

If you can adopt/foster, please email me immediately! My email is up in that side bar.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could adopt one of your rabbits, however all the shelters near me only have cats and dogs. :(