Saturday, July 3, 2010


I think I must have sounded a little pathetic in my last post, because I got no less than three separate offers to foster Miss Maisy during her pregnancy and baby-raising. She is going to a rat-experienced home for the next few months, where she will be loved and spoiled! I was really overwhelmed by the response to Maisy's plight, so THANK YOU to everyone who offered, and especially to her new foster mom! Looking forward to lots of updates on how she's doing!
I joined a rat forum to try and find adopters, since we desperately needed some. A few hours after I joined, I got a message from somebody who wanted to adopt Big Ben! The big guy is going to a home with two other male rats and will be picked up by Monday. That's amazing, I thought it would take us forever to find a place for him!
Lucy, the female baby bunny, is going to a foster home until she's old enough to be spayed. This little girl is a bit shy so she could use the socialization. Her foster mom is a life-saver who stepped forward via our Facebook page, and was very patient while I sent her about 10 emails with a different plan every time! She is also fostering Thelma and Louise the rats, because Louise somehow managed to break out of her cage and have a rendez-vous with Mr Wiggins. Here's hoping she's not pregnant, but she'll be in foster for the next month in case.
Speaking of Wiggins, he got adopted today! He went home with one of our volunteers and is guaranteed to live a spoiled life.
Do you know what that means? As of next week, we'll only have one rat in the Room - little Albus. That's amazing.
It's not a success yet. It's not a success until all the hamster babies and rat babies have grown up and gone to homes of their own. But it's definitely a start - a glorious start to a huge undertaking.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who stepped forward to help these rats!
Now it's on to the hamsters!

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CyborgSuzy said...

Wow, amazing what a little advertising can do! So glad some more foster homes showed up.