Saturday, July 3, 2010

Help A Hammie

"Help a Hammie" is my marketing slogan for the next little while. The rats are all sorted out for the moment - we'll have to deal with them in two months when the babies come back, but for now, they're fine.
Now it's on to the hamsters. They're all at my house besides Aretha, who's been at the shelter since before all of this craziness happened. Introducing...our hamsters!
Aretha: At the shelter since April 25, this gentle giant of a hamster was left at someone's door with a note from her lazy last owner.
Lilith: Adult female hamster from the hoarder, quite skittish but doesn't bite. Gorgeous colouring!
Sarah Jane: Big girl, very friendly and super nosy - she always wants to know what you're doing!
Romana: Sarah Jane's daughter, only a few weeks old. Soooo cute and very easy to handle, very sweet!
Bianca: Six weeks old and full of energy - beautiful white fur!
Cinnamon: Six weeks old but already quite big, she's very bossy!
Coffee: Six weeks old, teeny tiny and super cute.
Cappuccino: Six weeks old, Coffee's slightly larger identical twin. Cappuccino is always sticking her nose into everything and has already fallen into the water bowl about 10 times.
Ginger: Six weeks old, super active- she never stops moving!
Smokey: Six weeks old, this hamster has the cutest face in the world. You don't believe me, but trust me, when I get a good photo of it, you'll melt.

"Wow", you may say, "That's a lot of hamsters."
To that I say 'Ha! That's nothing'. Because there is also Minerva, who has 9 (last time I checked) newborn babies.
Were you keeping track? That's right, we have 20 hamsters who need homes.

So which one are you taking? :)

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Anonymous said...

All of them, if I could.