Monday, July 5, 2010

Work in Progress

A turtle has arrived at the shelter.
Yes, a turtle. We have filled our Room and three foster homes, but North decided to send us a turtle. No, I don't know the reasoning behind that.
Anyway, he's a feisty little guy who doesn't much appreciate being in the back room surrounded by dog food. We don't usually put reptiles up for adoption, so he'll go to some herptologists who know how to properly care for him.
A Ring-Neck Dove has also shown up at the shelter, and two budgies are temporarily staying with us because their owner needs to find a place to stay after a house fire. We couldn't have a slow intake period after the Great Hamster Crisis of 2010, of course not!
Meanwhile, how is the Great Hamster Crisis of 2010 going? My head is going to explode, that's how it's going. We get good news - Big Ben the rat has found a wonderful home, all the other rats have gone to foster. But then we get a slew of bad news - Maisy the rat needs vet care, the young hamsters have gotten to an age where they need to live in separate cages, but we've run completely out of hamster cages and we're still a few short.
And Sarah Jane the hamster escaped. She and her daughter Romana managed to break her cage open last night. After a frantic search, I found Romana this morning, but Sarah Jane is still missing. All of my fingers are crossed that we'll find her!
Sometimes I get frustrated because people don't care about small animals. They're afterthoughts. You save one puppy, you're a hero. You rescue a herd of horses, people rush to help. You save 20 hamsters - no one cares. No one wants to help. We seriously need adoptions but no one is interested.
But people cared about Miss Maisy the rat. People stepped forward to help, and her hopeless situation cleared up. Sometimes animal shelters show the worst in people, and sometimes they show the best.

This project is definitely a work in progress. I refuse to believe that after all this work, it will be anything but a success.
If you are interested in adopting a hamster (OR you have a cage I can use!), please email me right away!

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Caroline said...

Hi Laura,

Wow what a mini zoo! Doesn't TAS have money for cages? I would suggest looking on Craigslist, I've seen cages there, also try places like Value Village, Good Will and the Salvation Army.

Good luck!