Thursday, July 8, 2010


I am very, very sad to say that Maisy the rat has died. She had what we thought was a mild respiratory infection when she was at the shelter, but it must have been worse than we thought. Combined with the stress of being pregnant and constantly moved, and what we assume were complications from the pregnancy, it must have been too much from her. She died before her foster mom could get her to the vet.
Even though Maisy arrived at the shelter only a week ago, it feels like we've been through a lot together. I was so proud of how we found her a foster home, and so excited that she could raise her babies and find a new home. I was going to write this blog post about how I'd spent ages with her the day before her foster mom picked her up, getting to know her better.
Maisy was going to be the best part of this rescue. It was heartbreaking to receive that email.
Maisy has died, Sarah Jane the hamster is still missing. We haven't had a single person ask about hamster adoptions, and my dining room table is sagging under the weight of the cages.

At least we tried to do all we could. Huge thanks to her foster mom, who did a wonderful job and who sadly had to see her go.
The Great Hamster Crisis of 2010 just gets more and more frustrating.
Rest in peace, Maisy.

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Grace R. said...

Oh no! :( RIP Maisy.