Friday, July 9, 2010

Looking on the Bright Side

Today is about good news, because I am sick of bad news.
Look at Big Ben in that photo! Doesn't he have the sweetest face? His new family sent me this photo, along with this email:
Hey Laura! As you probably know, I picked up Ben yesterday! It was a tolerable trip despite the insane heat, and once he got home he was bouncing around and checking everything out. He also saw the vet this morning, and he has a mild respiratory infection so he'll be on antibiotics for the next two weeks, but apart from that he's doing great!

Awesome! Ben got a really great home. I was afraid he'd be waiting in the shelter forever, so it's really fantastic that he got adopted right away.
Albus, the baby white rat, turned out to be female, so she got renamed Alba. She also got adopted today! That means we now have no rats at the shelter; the only ones left are Thelma and Louise, who will be in foster care for at least a month.
Do you remember Sugar? The pretty little lovebird had to wait a whole month for a home - standard for rabbits, but pretty long for a bird. However, she got a great home! I've already received two quick updates on her, it sounds good!
The new owner sent me an update right after adopting her in June:
I was at Toronto Animal Services when I was introduced to Sugar. She is an absolute darling and I was able to adopt her and take her home that day. She is currently (in her own cage) beside my other bird Nacho, a cockatiel. I am looking for a bigger cage for her. I am so happy to provide a home for this Peach-Faced cutie. Sugar is eating, doing well and showing off some acrobatics.

She sent me another email a few days ago, so I finally posted the first update! Here's the second:
Sugar is in a much bigger cage now and having fun. She is a darling. She tolerates Nacho, which is soo funny. She is definately more vocal and has been chirping new calls since her arrival. She is a character. She also does a lot more flying than Nacho. I did not realize she had been at the shelter long? Poor little girl. Well, she has a home for life now.
Excellent! Sugar is obviously much-loved now. As an aside, I love the name Nacho! This update particularly warms my heat, because I have a cockatiel and lovebird together as well. They are definitely a funny pair.

All of the hamsters have cages now (well, we need one more, but we're picking it up tomorrow).
Meanwhile, the Facebook page is almost at 250 fans!

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