Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adventures in Fostering

Once you get sucked into the world of rescue (which I guess I'm in now), foster becomes part of life. Animals come in and out and it's not a big deal. Except when there's, you know, 20 of them. Then it's a big deal. That's my dining room up there, a few days ago - there's more cages now!
We switched Coraline (our original foster rabbit from the hoarder) for Sherlock. We only took Coraline in the first place because there was no space; unlike her, Sherlock really needs some work in foster care, so here he is. Aren't his ears super-cute?
I FOUND SARAH JANE! Last night, at around midnight, I heard a scratching from the corner of the room. I found her squirreled away in a box! I yelled my head off. I'd honestly given up on her; I figured she had fallen off a table or something and was dead somewhere in the apartment. But I am so, so happy to say she's safe and sound! She cut her foot and lost some blood, but we cleaned it up and she seems fine. Her cage is now duct-taped shut, with another cage on top - no more escapes for her!
We did a little photo-shoot with the Six Pack (the six 8-wk-old hamsters) and Sarah Jane's daughter Romana. They all have their own cages now (my dining room table is Hamster City). That's Smokey up there, he is the cutest hamster in the world, seriously. And so easy to handle! Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the photos, since they turned out much better than expected.
Cinnamon: I love this photo, it turned out just perfectly. Look at those little ears!
Edit: Adoption update on Cinnamon here!
Romana: So fluffy! I'm beginning to suspect Romana is a male, which means a name-change is in order.
Ginger: Haha, one of the cutest photos ever. Look at that face! Ginger is such a character.

Hey, go check out our Facebook page - there's an adopt-a-thon coming up next weekend! I am wishing really, really hard for some hamster adoptions at that adopt-a-thon.

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