Saturday, September 11, 2010

Update on Cinnamon

Remember Cinnamon (one of the Six Pack hamsters)? Her new owners sent an awesome update:

Hi there!
My boyfriend and I recently adopted Cinnamon - the cutest little hamster ever!
Over the two weeks, she started to settle into her new home. At first, she was a little overwhelmed by all the attention and hid underneath her wheel, but she's really starting to get used to everyone and perks up whenever one of us approaches her cage.
Inside her cage, there are two little houses she likes to crawl into and sleep in. She loves her wheel, too! It's incredible how fast she runs on it. And she's definitely nocturnal; the first night I brought her home, she kept everyone awake!
Cinnamon's becoming more accustomed to having us hold her. The other night, we sat down on the floor and brought her out of her cage to run around between our legs. And oh wow, she's fast! She kept climbing up over us, but we always managed to hold on to her :)

Cinnamon has a habit of chewing on her cage, so I bought her a couple of chew toys. One is shaped like a hamburger, and she loves to gnaw away on it! Toilet paper rolls are also fun for her; she uses the pieces she bites off as bedding. She's gradually stopping the cage chewing, so hopefully the habit will break all together soon.

Cinnamon has really grown to be part of our family during the past week. She's so adorable, and I'm ecstatic every time I come home and see her running around her cage and on her wheel. I try to hold her everyday, and she's becoming more accepting of all the physical attention she's getting. She even comes up to the door of the cage sometimes and tries to crawl out into my hands!

Thank you so much for letting me adopt this wonderful little critter! I love being able to give her a home that really cares for her.

That hamster has definitely got a great home! Cinnamon's young life was filled with drama - somehow ending up at a rescue-turned-hoarder, thrown into an empty cage in a shelter, shuttled off to a foster home, then back to the shelter. But now, she's spoiled and loved and being treated like a queen!

You know, it's been about 2 and a half months since all the hoarder craziness began. Not counting the animals sent to rescue, or the ones who had to be euthanized, our shelter ended up with 28 small animals needing homes. We lost two - Maisy and Lilith.
But thirteen of those animals have been adopted into new homes. Three rabbits, two rats, and eight hamsters. That is pretty awesome.

Only thirteen more to go!


Grace R. said...

Yay! It just goes to show you how much joy an animal as tiny as a hamster can bring into people's lives. So glad that Cinnamon found her happy ending after such a rough start to life.

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