Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Shelter Has Animals, Too

They're not all at my house!
We've had quite a few unusual arrivals since the Great Hamster Crisis. We're still full to bursting, but I think we've gotten so used to it, it's no longer shocking to walk into the Room.
This pretty dove arrived as a stray, but she wasn't claimed, so now she's ready to be adopted. She's quite a gentle soul, doesn't mind being touched or held. She could easily be a 'he', as it's impossible to sex doves by sight.
The two budgies from the house-fire are still at the shelter. It doesn't sound like they're being picked up, so they may go up for adoption soon. Have I mentioned their hilarious names? The white one is named Time Machine, and this one is named...Time Machine 2.
One of the baby bunnies (Lucy) is in foster. Her foster mom has a great blog of her own, she does a lot of foster work. Check it out! The two other boys are on the table in the Room. They're almost ready to be neutered and put up for adoption, and they are as cute as buttons. That's Checkers up there, with his gorgeous classic Dutch markings.
Puzzle is the most outgoing of the babies, he's a little ball of energy.
The turtle has gone to the Ministry of Natural Resources, because it was a painted turtle. The chukar has found a home that knows what it's doing.

I found a really cool link for educating people about Easter bunnies. It's a campaign called 'Make Mine Chocolate!' and they have a great website. Go check it out! My favourite part is the 'interactive bun'.

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