Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Very Long Dry Spell

The shelter has had a slow adoption month - actually, a slow adoption summer. There are just not that many people coming in for animals, and unfortunately, there are many, many animals coming in. We are ridiculously full, there are few people who have seen the cat rooms this full before. To make matters worse, next weekend is the Indy, which takes over the Exhibition Grounds and blocks the shelter, so no adoptions. Then, soon after that, the Ex takes over, and that's always a slow adoption period.
The only bright spot in this unfortunate summer is that we have two adopt-a-thons coming up.
Damien: This sweet, gentle, dignified boy has been waiting since April 12. His cage is kind of in the corner and he's not a howler, so he's had trouble getting attention, but he so deserves it.
Cara: A fluffy ball of love and affection, Cara is a very playful two-year-old, and so pretty!
Cloudia: This pretty girl was very shy when she first came to the shelter, back in April. She's come a long way and now she loves to flop over and get scratches.
Emma Kate: Look at that face! Emma Kate has been at the shelter since mid-May. I just love her markings, and she has such big lovely eyes! She is super playful.
Jason: This big handsome boy has a best friend at the shelter, brilliantly named Kitty. Jason and Kitty share a window room and they adore each other! Both are sweet, lovely cats and while it's probably not going to happen, it would be awesome if they were adopted together.
This is Kitty, she's 8 years old and surrendered way back in March. I love Kitty; she never came out of her hideaway when she first arrived. Then, after a long time (and meeting Jason), she became much more outgoing and now she stands guard, watching everyone come and go. Such a dignified older girl!
It would be so nice (and so unexpected) if the adopt-a-thon this upcoming weekend turned out to be a roaring success. We need it.

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Caroline said...

I love Kitty and Jason, if I had room I'd take them in a heartbeat.