Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crossing the Species Barrier

Matilda, our newest rabbit, loves other small animals. I discovered this the other day while I had her out at the same time Sprite was flying around. For some reason, Sprite never flys anywhere but the main table, so they ended up hanging out together. Matilda really wanted to be friends. Sprite wasn't quite so sure.
The real fun of the day, however, was when I took the hamsters out. Unlike Sprite, the hamsters were happy to be buddies with Matilda.
Aretha is almost Matilda's size! Matilda kept jumping on the rodent cages to stare at them, hence why she's up in the air here. I have no idea why our two hamsters haven't been adopted, usually they go super-fast.
Jojo and Matilda got along splendidly and went exploring together. Cutest couple ever!
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