Friday, June 18, 2010

New News

We have a gerbil! I love gerbils. Despite being the hamster lady now, I never liked hamsters, I always had gerbils. This is the first one we've had at the shelter since I've been there. His name is Minx, and he's a tame little cutie. Get this - he was brought in as a 'stray'. That's hilarious. A) How would you find a stray gerbil, but more importantly, B) How on earth do you expect us to believe you could catch it?
This is Pongo, one of our new rabbits. He's an English Spot (yay!) mix and one of the calmest, most confident rabbits I've met.
This is the weirdest thing, but a week after Pongo arrived as a stray, another one came in:
This is Matilda! This sweetie is my new favourite. She and Pongo are the same size, have similar markings, and both have a slight curl to the fur on their head. I cannot believe these guys aren't related. Anyway, it's quite confusing, having them beside each other, but it won't be for long. I'm happy to say Starbuck the bunny got adopted! Since he was at Petsmart, Pongo's going to take his place and hopefully also find his new home.
We also have a new cockatiel! This is Sprite; she's not quite tame but she's very gentle and probably half-way to being trained already. I was hoping an owner would show up, but no one did and her stray hold is up, so the hope changes to hope for a new adoptive family.
I'm not sure I ever mentioned taking Ana as a foster, but I did, a few weeks ago. Ana turned out to be a total sweetheart in a home environment. She just doesn't do well in the shelter (and who can blame her?). Luckily, she has quite a few volunteers and staff pulling for her. I made her the 'pet of the week' on the Facebook page, and hopefully there will be some interest in her.
Finally (this post is getting long!), adoptions. As I said, Starbuck was adopted, and Smudge and Barney have also found new homes over the last few weeks. Sugar the lovebird finally found a home (and I have a small update!). And Wiggins the rat charmed one of our volunteers, who will hopefully be picking him up this week!

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