Saturday, June 26, 2010

Foster Feature

One of the TAS foster moms asked if I could post her foster kittens, who are just about available for adoption. So you get a lovely dose of kitten cuteness today! The one up there is BJ (A544722). BJ (for Black Jaw) was born in Feb/March 2010, and is neutered and ready to go! From his foster mom:
"BJ is very playful and very affectionate; when it's quiet time he loves being held and having his tummy gently scratched or rubbed, but when it's playtime he is usually the instigator! BJ likes to climb into bed and under the covers with you, especially when it's chilly."
This little one is Dove (A549411), and he will be available after he gets neutered.
"Dove is the cutest little kitten with his fluffy coat. He was born probably in mid-April 2010. Dove is playful and very affectionate; when it's quiet time he loves being held and will purr up a storm, and he romps with the best of them when it's playtime!"
The black one is named Magic (A549413), and she'll also be available after being spayed.
"Magic is an unusual kitten, a black tabby rather than a black cat. If you see her in the right light, you'll see her tabby markings. Magic is usually the leader of the pack; she was first to figure out how to get up on the bed and the others followed her lead. When it's quiet time, Magic likes being brushed with a soft bristle brush."
Sweetums (A549412) is the last of the bunch. She will be available after being spayed.
"Sweetums is a beautiful gray smoke speckled tabby, quite unusual in that her markings are very symmetrical. She is playful and very affectionate. Sweetums tends to follow the lead of her siblings, getting into mischief when they do. She is affecionate but not overbearing; she will sit with you but not on you. Her favourite boy is a feather fishing pole."

All of these kittens have lived with adult cats and a dog. They should be adopted with one of their siblings or to a home with a friendly cat. All of them are used to open and hooded litter boxes. If you do adopt these guys, ask the shelter for detailed info on proper kitten diets!
These little guys get a second chance thanks to our awesome network of foster homes. If you ever want to experience adorable kittens without committing to 15+ years, try fostering! The only problem is trying to give them back.

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