Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Time at Fort Knox

Notice how Ariel's lying on wood chips in front of a fence?
The Exhibition Grounds, along with half of Toronto, have been shut down thanks to the G20 this weekend. The security is insane and tomorrow should be absolutely ridiculous. There's really only one entrance to the Grounds. Luckily, the cop guarding that entrance is a real animal-lover and was super nice. He even gave us veggies from his lunch for the rabbits!
The one good thing about the shelter being cut off from society is that you can focus solely on the animals. We managed to get all the bunnies out for a walk except one - Sabrina, the new little Dutch. However, while we were allowed to take the animals out, we were not allowed to go on the grass. Why? Who knows. Security. So they got to run around on concrete. Snowflake clearly didn't mind.
Ana was less impressed. It feels like a military compound or something there, with police cars driving by every few minutes. There was a bit of a problem after some dogs were sent to the vet to be fixed - security wouldn't allow a truck to enter the Grounds, so they couldn't get back in!
Matilda had a great time, which is nice, since last time I took her out she almost had a heart attack. Tomorrow is the day for protesting and politics, so it should be nice and utterly insane. From the sounds of it, we won't be allowed to take the animals out at all. No dog walks for two days? Should be fun.
"How do we get in here?" Good question. Tomorrow there will be only one way in - through the streetcar stop. If there's a nice cop at the locked fence blocking off the Grounds. Should be fun!
In the midst of all the insanity, a pretty little budgie has arrived as a stray, and we discovered the little Dutch may be blind - unfortunately after she dove head-first into the floor. She's all right though!
So tomorrow I'm going (or at least attempting to go) to the shelter.
Brace yourself, Toronto! The G20 is finally here.

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