Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adopt-a-Thon: Day Two

I'm a little late here, but this is the finale of the adopt-a-thon. While it still wasn't the best, it did pick up for the cats on the last day. We brought Snowflake and Caramel on Sunday; Caramel especially didn't like dogs coming in, so they decided to stay on the small animal display.
They did go outside, though. I can't believe they both fit in that thing. They are such beautiful rabbits! I was disappointed that they didn't attract much interest. The hamsters attracted no interest at all, but to be fair, they all slept through the whole thing. On the up side, Cinnamon, Smokey and Bianca are now at the shelter - which means out of my house!
Luckily, the cats attracted more interest. I am so happy to say that Oscar, the 13-year-old sweetheart, found a great home! The woman loved her. Oscar will be well-loved and spoiled. I'm so glad she got adopted, we were all rooting for her.
Charlie here (also female - what's up with these names?) didn't get adopted, which is incredible because she is the biggest, most relaxed sweetheart ever. Charlie does not get frazzled. She made herself right at home in the store! She's gone back to the shelter, where she has about 200 other cats to contend with, but luckily she has staff pulling for her.
This little guy's littermate got adopted, leaving him behind. He cried pathetically until a volunteer gave in. What a cuddler! He is a real darling. He also went back to the shelter to await his chances.
Six cats got adopted in total over the weekend - BJ, George the black cat, Oscar, a kitten, Sandal the older kitten and Kiwi, whose new owner stopped by to visit every chance she got until she got off work and could take her home! Adding in Sarah Jane the hamster, that's 7 animals who found a home. Sure, it's not much, but the shelter is full and was closed that weekend. It's something.

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Congratulations on a successful adoption day!