Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adopt-a-Thon: Day One

Well, it certainly wasn't as successful as our last community adopt-a-thon, but at least a few animals got adopted. Even one adoption is better than nothing, which is what we would have had this weekend because the shelter is closed due to the stupid Indy.
We were hoping to have the hamsters, plus a cat or two, outside on the table. Unfortunately it was way too hot in the morning to have any animals outside, so the hamsters got stacked in the corner. They didn't care!
I took Smokey, Bianca and Sarah Jane (our escape artist) of the hoarder hamsters. We set up this little display of the other small animals who weren't there. It didn't get much attention but hey, it looked good. I'm very happy to say that Sarah Jane got adopted! A nice woman on her way back from MacDonalds loved her colouring; she already had a cage at home, so Sarah Jane is gone! That's one hoarder hamster down, fourteen to go!
We took nine cats. Only two of them got adopted (BJ the not-so-kitten-anymore and a black cat named George). BUT the good thing about adopt-a-thons is that they can lay the groundwork for future adoptions. A guy fell in love with Minx the cat; an incredibly kind woman is probably going to take Tipper after they do some bloodwork.
I really hope someone comes for this beautiful girl. Named Oscar for some reason, she is 13 years old! She's also so sweet, and really healthy.
The star of the day was Penny! I brought Sherlock as well, but he's a bit too nervous for that kind of event. Penny, on the other hand, was in her element. She loves being on the harness and just ran up to say hi to everyone and cuddled in my arms. She likes dogs, she loves being outside. I cannot believe no one took her! However, I strongly suspect someone's coming back for her. I hope so!
So overall, we had 3 adoptions: two cats and a hamster. It's not much. Here's hoping the last day is better!

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