Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Bonanza, Part I

This hoarder is the gift that just keeps on giving. On Wednesday, I took Coraline (remember my first foster bunny?) back home. Because, you know, I don't have enough fosters.
At 12:30 am that night, she gave birth to four babies.
I've done three litters of hamsters, but this is my first litter of rabbit kits. When I took her home, Coraline immediately began nesting. Her nest at the shelter (which was full of fur) had been thrown out. Fur is important to cover the newborns, so I wrestled my two bunnies and pulled out all their loose fur. They weren't too pleased, but Coraline immediately added the fur to the nest.
I did some serious Googling on rabbit babies. After reading some nice horrific stories about inexperienced mothers abandoning/killing their young, I went to check on Coraline and found her nursing a newborn! I left them in peace. Since then, I have come to the conclusion that this isn't Coraline's first litter - in fact, I wonder if the three babies at the shelter aren't hers. She immediately nursed them, built a perfect nest, and has been calm and collected ever since.
I'm glad Coraline already knew us from the previous foster time. She is happy to be stroked and get treats while we deal with her babies. Rabbit newborns can be handled (briefly, obviously) from their first day of life without disturbing the mother.
This is one of the babies on their very first day. This one is all patchy and adorable. The kit in the first picture has a little stripe down its back and marks around the eyes and ears. Adorable!
The litter is rounded out with two black ones. The tiny, flattened ears just kill me, they're so cute! The shelter does not need four more bunnies, but their cuteness just overrules me every time I look at them. We will raise these bunnies to be friendly, easy to handle, and healthy, and they will get adopted, gosh darn it!
I'll be happy to post these guys' development. In two weeks, their little ears will be up, they'll be fluffy and their eyes will be open, and they will be a lethal weapon of cuteness.
This is one part of a two part festival of babies - later tonight I'll be posting photos of Minerva's litter (the hamsters). If I can get any good ones!


EB said...

Looking forward to seeing them get bigger! And I love how Coraline has her paw in the water dish.

Caroline said...

beautiful babies! I always look forward to your posts! You're doing a great job and whenever my mother complains about my animal fostering I just remind her of your dining room table full of hamster cages!

Laura HP said...

Haha, Coraline loves to stand in her water to greet you. Silly girl.

LOL Caroline, my mom and I were much amused to hear that we're being used for an argument we've had many times with ourselves. Fostering is important! It's also important they don't stay too long...or multiply =P

Anonymous said...

We recently adopted two of Coraline's babies! Midnight and Sunshie (who were previously known as Seuss and Benji) are so cute! We got them on Tuesday, November 2. They're hilarious to watch when they have a free run of the house!

Laura HP said...

I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear that!! I'm so glad that the boys went together and that they have a great new home :) Thank you so, so much for commenting!
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