Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Week

Coraline's babies were a week old yesterday! Their eyes should start to open in about 3 days, although one of the black ones already opened his a slit. They're very fuzzy now, with thick, shiny fur, and their ears are slowly starting to stand up. They are possibly the cutest things on the planet. That photo up there is Stripes at 3 days old...thought I'd share some more of their first week, because everyone could use some cuteness! So here we go, the greatest hits of the last week:
Day Five: They have tiny little claws sticking out of their tiny little feet! They also have huge noses.
They are already very comfortable being stroked and held; I know they can barely walk, but being held since the day of birth must be good for making social bunnies.
We weighed them one day, and they scrabbled about in the container, trying to dig and push their heads around. As soon as we picked them up, they curled up in my hand, comfortable.
Love their giant hind feet! Patch has black hind feet, with white toes. He has the cutest markings ever, it's amazing. It's incredible how detailed their markings have been since birth; even on the first day, ever dot and patch was there on their skin.
This is one of the black guys on Day Seven. This guy in particular is really starting to hold his head up and sniff around!
Patch on day seven. Patch's fur is so thick; he was probably the weirdest looking baby at birth, all pink and black patches. But with his white fur (and one ear half-white, half-black!), he is the cutest thing ever.
Stripe is probably the biggest at the moment, I swear she doubled in size overnight. The marks around her eye make her face look kind of weird at the moment, but I think when her eyes open those marks will be gorgeous.
The other black one was quite sleepy on day seven, and after a brief sniff he curled right up in our hands.
I can't believe they're a week old already! Soon their eyes will open and their legs will start to work. We'll have to set up their run soon, because the cage is not big enough for 5 rabbits with the ability to run.

It feels like there is a looming tidal wave heading for the Room. Minerva's babies must be weaned this week; Louise the rat is about to give birth. In a few months these guys will be coming back. Plus two chinchillas and two rabbits have arrived in the last few days. I've got all my fingers crossed that this doesn't turn into utter chaos. Any adopters out there?


Caroline said...

Gorgeous babies! Thanks for sharing the pics!

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