Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Tidal Wave Continues

I suppose it was too much to ask, for the intake to slow down while we dealt with the hoarder's after effects. We're still being inudated by new animals. Oh well. That is how a shelter works after all.
I don't think I've posted this pretty girl before. Sunburst arrived as a stray on July 13. We have a ridiculous amount of birds right now - besides Sunburst, we also have the pair of budgies from the house fire (Tardis and Time Machine), and Seabreeze, a gentle budgie who's been there the longest. We also have an incredibly sweet Ring-Necked Dove named Jazz, who is one of my favourites at the shelter right now.
Check out these two guys! These two chinchillas are incredibly sweet, outgoing and friendly. As soon as you open the cage door, they run up to see you. And if you put out your hands, they'll jump right on to you and say hello. That's why it's so unbelievable that someone dumped the pair of them in a parking lot! Jerks. Anyway, these two are awesome and super-cute.
I love this new girl. Look at that grumpy face! She's got Hotot in her, which you can see from that mascara around her eyes. She's got a giant dewlap and I bet she's a bit older than our usual bunnies. Despite that cranky look, I quite like her - she's a little skittish about being held, but quite nice otherwise.
Cute overload! Look at her - isn't she the sweetest-looking thing ever? A tiny little puffball. This sweetheart is only a couple of months old and was dumped by her owners. She's much too young for shelter life, so I'm hunting for a foster home to keep her safe until she's old enough to be spayed. She is crazy friendly, easy to handle and super-sweet.
In better news, Aretha and Smokey the hamsters have been adopted! Also, Louise (remember Thelma and Louise the rats?) gave birth yesterday in foster care. Wiggins is a dad! According to her foster mom's initial count, there are about 8-9 babies.
Every day is crazier!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for a reasonably sized litter! It definitely could have been worse. :)

Laura HP said...

Haha, very true, Bronwyn! I was having nightmares about getting an email from the foster mom announcing over 20 babies!