Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update on Barney

In the midst of the current chaos in the small animal department, I've received a few wonderful updates from past adoptions!
Remember Barney? He has now been renamed Boo and his new family sent me a wonderful (and hilarious) update!

So it's officially been one month: Barney (renamed Boo) came home with me on June 12! He's doing great. He will eventually be a free run house bunny, and at the moment he has graduated to free run of the living room. Though technically he can jump the gate that is keeping him in, but hasn't tried it out yet, hmm...I suppose it's only a matter of time...
He will do absolutely anything for kale, and is officially not in love with watercress. I'm learning! He knocks stuff over, makes a huge mess and has chewed all the buttons off my remote - but wins everyone over with his incredible cuteness and bunny licks. He still really, really hates to be held, I wonder if maybe that's why he was given up? (He gets transported between inside and his outside play pen via his carrier)

He has lost his wild toupee fur between his ears and I worry he's getting fat. Maybe he's not a dwarf bunny after all? Boo is my first bunny, so of course there are a few hiccups along the way - there was the afternoon my roommate fed him four cups of kale ("he seemed really really hungry"). But I've got a great rabbit friendly vet (found through the OREO website) who has assured me that so far I'm not killing him. I think Boo must have lived with other pets before because he doesn't seem at all bothered by my cat, Emy. They haven't quite figured each other out, except that Boo knows Emy is not a bunny, and Emy has figured that Boo is not a cat =) What a great update! Barney was such a character (and so full of energy!) at the shelter, I'm thrilled to hear he got a wonderful home. These photos are from when he was at the shelter, but here's hoping we get new ones soon!
Meanwhile, Louise's foster mom has confirmed that she has nine babies. That's not as big as it could have been, but still - oh boy! They sent a photo of some of the little ones, which I'll be posting tomorrow.
Also, Jazz the dove and Seabreeze & Sunburst the budgies were adopted on Friday! Three birds gone = way more room. And finally, that little ball o' cuteness from yesterday found a wonderful foster home for the next two months.

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Caroline said...

What a beautiful chocolate bunny!