Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Boom

Louise's foster mom sent me this photo! These are 3 of Louise's nine babies - I know they look like little mutants right now, but hey, we look pretty weird at the beginning of our lives too. In a few weeks they'll be fuzzy and adorable. I'm so glad Louise has a safe place to raise her little ones.
I was so annoyed to find that we have four more hamsters at the shelter. Because we didn't have enough. This family dropped off an adult dwarf hamster and three little babies today. The babies were reported as 4 months but look at that little thing - they're 4 weeks if they're a day.
This is the adult, Bubbles. She's definitely a cutie, and they're all quite sweet. But come on - we don't need any more freaking hamsters. Anyway, I'm thinking I'll bring the female baby home to see if she gets along with my Molly. Molly really loved having a companion when Nicky was alive, and she gets along with everybody. Plus, the female baby has no hind feet, just stumps for legs (although she gets around just fine!) and I really want to call her Pegleg.
Look at Patch! My babies are 12 days old now - almost two weeks. All their eyes are open and their ears are up and goodness, they're so fluffy. Thick shiny coats of fur! They're running around; we found them all curled up in the food bowl one day.
So there are 9 ratlets in foster, 5 hamster babies in foster, my 4 baby bunnies, that one baby bunny in foster, and 3 new dwarf babies. And the madness slowly gets more and more out of control...
Wait, there is some good news! Penny got adopted! Of course, we immediately got a new rabbit from Etobicoke. At least she seems really nice....

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