Wednesday, July 28, 2010

They Grow Up So FAST

Usually, I think it's a good thing that small animal babies grow up in the blink of an eye, because it means they don't have to stay in foster care too long. But when we're already full, it's a little alarming to see hamster babies double in size over night!
The hamster babies are now weaned from Minerva and separated into sexes. That photo above is of the three boys - Flitwick (brown), Dobby (black & white) and Tonks (cream). Yes, it sounds like Tonks is named after a girl, but just think of Ted Tonks.
Padfoot here is one of the two girls. The girls would not pose as nicely as the guys. She is the shyest and the most difficult to handle, but she's young and I'm sure she'll calm down.
Hedwig is the other girl. I cannot get over how gorgeous this hamster is - pure white fur, black eyes, and pink feet and nose. Photos can't do her justice.
Then there are the bunnies. They hit two weeks yesterday, and honestly, I don't think there is anything in the world cuter than two week old rabbits. The ears are up, the eyes are open, and they are incredibly fluffy.
I wish we'd had better light for these photos because they were just heart-breakingly cute last night. Look at those fuzzy faces!
They're also exploring everywhere. Forget the nest - they're all over the cage, climbing on their mom, climbing on us, climbing on everything! I think Stripe in particular has turned into a monkey.
Stripe has turned into quite the character. Her favourite new game is to sit on the others' backs to look around - especially poor Patch, who would just like to relax.
Thankfully, these guys have a few months before they invade the Room, but Minerva's babies (and Minerva!) are closing in fast.

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Caroline said...

How I wish I lived next door to you and could visit all your cuties!