Friday, July 30, 2010

New Tenants

Max here is a transfer from Etobicoke. He is a super-friendly boy who runs right over to say hi as soon as you open the cage. He is really affectionate and outgoing. While it's not like we have extra room, I'm glad he got transferred to us, where we're more equipped to keep him comfy.
Bubbles here was the adult Dwarf Hamster surrendered along with the three young ones last week. She's a real cutie, and quite friendly too. Nice and tame. I love Dwarf Hamsters, much more than Syrians. If you treat them right, they're great pets full of personality.
This little one is our newest foster, Peggy (aka Pegleg). She's one of the baby Dwarves, the one with no hind feet. It doesn't slow her down though! She runs on her wheel until she falls off, and she climbs right up the bars with her little stumps poking between the bars. Fingers crossed that she gets along with our Molly, in which case we'll adopt her permanently.
I think the foot thing is from bad genetics, because her brother Kyle only has one hind foot, and the other leg's a stump! The last brother, Speedy, lucked out and has all four feet. Bad genetics is yet another reason not to breed at home.
Puzzle and Checkers, the two baby boys from the hoarder, have been neutered and are ready to go! It'd be nice if they went together, but they're good to go by themselves as well. Puzzle is such a handsome boy, with such beautiful eyes; happily, there's already interest in him.

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