Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Heart Updates

On Wednesday, I arrived at the shelter and one of the workers handed me an envelope that said "Attn: Laura Volunteer". I didn't recognize the name and was utterly confused. He thought it was hilarious that I was now getting mail at the shelter, since he keeps telling me to just move in there already.
It turned out to be an update on Smudge, that sweetheart who transferred from West back in May. A worker must have told the adopter my name, because she took the time to send a hand-written update, and included photos which are adorable, and you'll have to take my word on that because my scanner's broken.

It did not take him long to get comfortable and happy in his new forever home. Friendly, silly, lots of laughs. He's inquisitive and makes friends with everyone that comes by. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to take this little guy home. He has the run of the house and is in his cage only at night so he does not get into mischief. He hops up on the couch and bed when I'm there and plays, and he's clean too.

I also got an email weeks ago from one of our volunteers who's on hiatus right now to take care of her newborn son. She adopted two high-risk rabbits from us a while ago, and I will post the full update soon, but I have to post this photo. It is possibly my favourite bunny photo ever (the baby is pretty darn cute too!).
Aww. To think, that rabbit was once 'high-risk', alone at a shelter, and now she's a treasured member of a family. I love it.
She also adopted Smokey, one of the hoarder hamsters, and reports that he is now basically living in a hamster palace and has settled in well.

Finally, we have a wonderful update on Big Ben, one of the hoarder rats, who has been renamed Oliver.
"Hey Laura, here are some pictures of Oliver and his buddy Isaac taking a nap outside after exploring the other day. His respiratory infection has totally cleared up and he's somehow gained some weight despite all of his bouncing around with the other boys! I just love him to pieces, he can be such a cuddle monster :) There were a few hiccups whilst introducing him to his current cagemates, but Oliver survived the hazing and every morning all three of them are piled into one hammock for a snooze. He seems pretty happy to be living here - and why not, his adorable dumbo ears are getting attention from everyone in the house!"
Aww, such sweet photos! Oliver looks so comfy and at home. I'm so happy for that big boy.

There are 5 different hamster cages on my dining table with incredibly annoying rattling wheels. They are driving me slowly crazy. The Room is still full. Coraline is racking up the vet bills, and I realized today that of the 27 available hoarder animals, only 4 have been adopted - a month later.
But none of that matters when I look at this post. These animals are happy now because we made the effort, and because these wonderful, wonderful adopters stepped forward.
I love updates so much!


Anonymous said...

Oh this makes me smile. :) I adopted a boy that looked exactly like Oliver from the SPCA. He was an old boy, quoted to be two years old. Though he never warmed to any other rats (I assume it was because it was in isolation for too long) he loved to snuggle! I really do notice that my favourite rats, the ones that love to give and receive attention, came from shelters.

loyalrescue said...

Gorgeous photos! Clearly I need a better camera...!