Saturday, September 25, 2010

Standing Out in a Crowd

The Room is full. Really full. Which is not necessarily bad, but it's also not good. If there are too many animals in the Room, it's overwhelming for people coming to look at them. And it's hard for each animal to try and stand out and get adopted, especially the shyer animals like Sherlock.
We've had quite a few new rabbits in the past few weeks.
Hershey is brand new and looks identical to Sherlock, except in a lighter shade of brown. They even have the same white snip on their nose. So weird. Unlike his long-lost twin however, Hershey is outgoing and super friendly and probably won't have to wait very long to find a new home.
Ashley here is all muscle and energy. She is the rabbit epitome of the word 'athletic'. She is so handsome and loves to run. She's been in the system since July, but just got transferred from Scarborough a few weeks ago.
Those two red-eyed white babies turned out to be male and female (of course), so they're now separated. It's a little concerning to have two New Zealand rabbits - they don't exactly fly out the door. This is the male, Lewis.
And this is the female Carroll. One of my favourite photos ever. Those two have truly magnificent ears! I wish people could see beyond the red-eyed, lab appearance, I think New Zealands are really handsome.
And finally this is Panda. This boy is about 2-3 years old and already neutered. He's really unusual looking, with those Hotot eye-rings and brilliant blue eyes. Unfortunately he's had a rough time of it lately.
His charming owners abandoned him at the shelter and he is stressed. He's more stressed than our doves. His fur is coming out all over the place.
This poor boy has a rough coat and is on the skinny side, and it's not surprising. For some unfathomable, ridiculous reason, Panda hasn't had hay for three months. Rabbits can't digest anything properly if they don't have hay 24/7. Panda's got a big supply of hay now, but he isn't exactly a picture of perfect health.

We now have 10 rabbits, 3 hamsters, 2 rats, 1 guinea pig and 2 doves (don't ask me how that happened) in the Room. Eighteen's a crowd!


Grace R. said...

Lewis and Carroll the two white bunnies? LOL Fantastic. Love it.

EB said...

I can vouch for the fact that Big White Bunnies are awesome :)

Laura HP said...

LOL Grace, I can always count on you to get my nerdy names. Glad someone does! XD

Big White Bunnies are definitely awesome :)