Saturday, September 25, 2010

Urgent Need for Carriers

Thank you everyone for your well-wishes, it was very sweet to read them all. But of course the world doesn't stop, school goes on, life goes on, the shelter goes on. And I am back to work, which is better than moping at home anyway.

A feeling of impending doom is looming over us, kind of like when the hoarder first happened. I don't know if you've heard of this, but there was a massive 6-alarm fire at Wellesley and Parliament last night. It was insane, and 1200 people had to be evacuated.

Nobody ever talks about Animal Services when it comes to things like this, but our people were there all night. Many of those evacuated people have pets, and TAS workers were working the entire night to make sure those pets were contained, fed and watered. Right now, we haven't transferred anyone to the shelters, but it's inevitable. Surely some of them will get claimed, but many, many times when animals come in after being seized from a fire, they never get claimed and simply go up for adoption. I shudder to think how many will come from this apartment.

But that is for the future - right now we are just trying to keep them safe and looked after. And we don't have enough carriers for that. We seriously need donations.

IF YOU HAVE AN EXTRA CARRIER, PLEASE DONATE IT! You can drop the carrier off at South, or one of our other three Regions. North (1300 Sheppard), East (821 Progress) or West (146 East Mall).

Please help if you can, and pass the word on!

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