Saturday, October 23, 2010


It's been another busy week in the Room! I can remember a time when the Room usually hosted an average of 6 animals, but it's been quite a while. Well, you deal with the hand you're dealt, right?
This is another new dove! Crazy! Her name is Trinity and we're hoping to introduce her to Mocha, who is already trying to woo her with his mad cooing skills in the cage next door.
Another new bird! Juno here is a young budgie, and I'm fairly sure she's hand tamed. She knows how to step on to your finger but she's quite scared right now and it's hard to tell how tame she is. After she calms down a bit, we'll get a better idea.
We already have two white rabbits with red eyes, so it's just fantastic that we got another one. Tolkien here is another transfer from Etobicoke, and at least he's more outgoing than Lewis. Dear Public, Please stop bringing rabbits to the Etobicoke shelter, they can't keep them. Take them to North or East instead. Thanks!
At least his arrival is balanced by an adoption - Beans has been adopted! Finally! This sweet boy went to a great, bunny-knowledgeable home. Mr Smithers (the black lop) and Panda are also gone; both of them went to Rabbit Rescue. Also, Carroll the white rabbit and Coraline (my foster babies' mom!) have been adopted, they're just being held for spay. I'm so glad Coraline got a home right away!
Unfortunately, Jenkins the guinea pig had to be euthanized a few days ago. She had a large abscess and despite treatment, she wasn't getting any better and the decision had to be made.

The Room makes me think of the law of conservation of energy - some come, some go, yet somehow, we always manage to end up with the same number of animals we had before.

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gracerock said...

Oh no. RIP Jenkins. Sad news.

Glad to see some rabbit adoptions (and transfers) though! Woot!