Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update on Dobby!

I love getting updates on my foster babies!
Since the day I brought him home a week ago, Dobby has been doing spectacular! He's no doubt one of the handsomest hamsters I've owned and always brings a smile to my face. Dobby has just recently accepted food out of my hand and just last night, happily sat on it, snacking on a carrot, as I rested it on the floor of his cage. And when I began to slowly raise my hand up he remained on it, calmly eating the carrot until I was able to safely cup him in my hands. He's a total sweetheart.
And a wheelaholic! Oh my, from the first night he was brought home, Dobby has been racing on a wheel. I can hear him running his little heart out through the walls. He's a very curious little guy and enjoys zooming through the tubes and exploring the many other toys in his cage.
Thank you so very much, Laura. If it wasn't for you, Dobby wouldn't be here with me. I had heard brief tidbits here and there about the crazy amount of small animals dropped off at the shelter on June 30th but never knew the reality of it until I visited your blog. I am a strong believer in adopting and I am so very blessed for what you do.
What a great update! She also mentioned how he wasn't used to being handled (my fault, oops) so it's been going very slowly - but thanks to her patience and care, it's going well! Yay Dobby!
Dobby and his sister Hedwig have great homes now, but their three other siblings are still waiting! Flitwick (above) is still at my house - the LAST foster! I've been waiting for the Room to calm down a bit before I can sneak him back in.
Tonks isn't at the shelter either, because he's at a brand-new store location! Yes, we now have a Pet Valu store that can house some of our small animals - it's right around the corner from the shelter and they chose to have a room for adoptions instead of selling animals. Yay Pet Valu store!
Bella is actually at the shelter waiting for her home. This little one is full of personality (maybe too much). She escaped in the shelter and we thought she'd been stolen - only to find her under a rabbit cage a few days later! This girl needs a secure cage!

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