Monday, October 18, 2010

We Don't Want Your Rabbit

We have enough!
Current rabbits in the Room:
Mosby: Transferred from Etobicoke last week. Somehow got a note about 'biting' on his cage even though he's easy to handle and sweet. Guess Etobicoke didn't think so?
Beans: Waiting over two months even though he's cute and small and friendly. I think he gets lost in the crowd, which is a shame because he's lovely.
Beans update here!
Benji: One of my foster babies, just got neutered and is ready to go!
Carroll: Been here a month (time flies!). Shy, big girl.
Jewel: Found running around Queen's Park a few days ago! Gorgeous girl.
Lewis: Alarmingly large already, he's going to be a big boy! Arrived with Carroll.
Mr Smithers: Another transfer from Etobicoke last week. Thanks, Etobicoke!
Munchkin: One of my foster babies, not quite ready to be spayed, so really she's just taking up space. Good thing she's cute!
Panda: Surrendered a month ago, much healthier now but still waiting!
Seuss: One of my foster babies. Just got neutered and is ready to go!

So that's 10 rabbits in our little Room. Ah well. At least the boys have been neutered now, so they can go as soon as someone wants them!
And even better, Rabbit Rescue has agreed to take a couple! I've got my fingers crossed for Panda and Lewis or Carroll, but of course they'll take who they think is best. What's important is that we'll have some breathing space!

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