Friday, October 15, 2010

One Last Shoot

The bunny family is back at the shelter! It's hard to believe they're gone. We went and got pretty attached to them, they were real characters. We miss them! Coraline and her daughter are in one cage, while the three boys are in another cage. They were very confused to be in a shelter, poor little guys.
All their names and genders have changed since the last time I posted. Well, obviously their genders didn't change, but we were 99% wrong. Oops!
Emily turned out to be a guy, and is now named Benji. Benji is crazy full of energy and probably the shyest of the group. He is still quite skittish, which I don't understand, since we've held him since the day he was born.
He's still lovely however,and hilarious to watch. I write bios for all the small animals in the Room, and they are pinned up on the cages for potential adopters. The bios for my foster babies are basically just a list of overwhelmingly positive adjectives - 'awesome', 'fantastic', 'handsome', 'perfect' bunnies!
Magic also turned out to be a guy, but no name change was required. He already has a home and will be getting his own post soon!
Munchkin is a girl, and just about the most hyper bunny I've ever seen. I'm sure she'll calm down as she grows up, but damn - girl has energy! She is such a sweetie and will fall out of the cage trying to get your attention.
Munchkin loves her mom. They are best friends. I would love for them to get adopted together but I know that ain't happening. We should really split them into separate cages lest they become a bonded pair, but there's no room.
Stellaluna turned out to be a guy and is now named Seuss. At least now we can tell the black ones apart for sure! Seuss is the quietest of the bunch - not exactly shy, because he is the most eager to be petted, but he's not as active and prefers to watch everyone else.

We are really going to miss these guys! Their new homes better be super awesome - and send updates!

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