Friday, October 15, 2010

Isn't It Always

I got home from the shelter today and complained about how full the Room was. My mom replied, "The shelter is always full."
I do say that a lot, especially lately. Ever since the hoarder, it's been a steady intake of small animals and we're always at capacity.
This little guy (or girl? Didn't have time to check) was transferred from Etobicoke today. Cute! Normally I wouldn't mind a little dude like this showing up - tiny, cute, friendly, will go fast. Right now we're so full we had to put him in the back room.
Mr Smithers is another arrival from Etobicoke. Thanks, Etobicoke! It might not be their fault (they don't keep rabbits), but it's still exasperating to have more arrive every day.
Coraline's entire family is out of foster and at the shelter now. I hate to add to the crowd, but they need to be fixed.
Everyone is sick of having a full Room. The workers are sick of it, I'm sick of it, the animals are sick of it. Everyone's tired of being so full, but it's not like there's a great alternative.
Every time I think it's easing up, it rises back up and overflows. Last count - three hamsters, two rats, two birds, two guinea pigs, freaking 11 rabbits.
At least there is some good news (and relief!) on the horizon!

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