Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It's time for some updates! First off, Hedwig the hamster was adopted last month by a young girl I knew from my summer job. She had just lost her old hamster and was looking for the perfect match. She sent me this email the day she took Hedwig home:

Hi Laura, once I set up the cage and put Hedwig in it, she looked like she had lived in it forever! Thank you so much for inviting me and my family to your shelter. I am really really happy that I chose Hedwig. For some reason, I wasn't sure that I wanted Hedwig in the beginning, but once we were driving home I was really really glad that I did. I am pretty sure that we were meant for each other! Her personality is a lot like mine. But I still think I will need to work on having her let me pick her up. She will have to get used to me a little more. Thanks again very very much, I am very happy!
Then we have an update on Ashley the rabbit, who was adopted into the same home as Mr Guiners (it's an update on him too!).

Ashley is very happy here. She is doing "binkies" all over the place. She rolls over on her back and wriggles. She follows me around in the mornings. She is very curious and wants to get into the cupboards. This morning she jumped into Mr Guinters cage from the top opening. I had to rescue Mr G and pull her out with the other hand. Luckily some branches from the top of the trees beside our apartment building were blown off. I took them for the guinea pigs and Ashley. Ashley enjoys stripping the bark.

I'm so glad that rabbit got a home that gives her lots of exercise - she was built to be an athlete!

I also got a really awesome update on Fuzzy the guinea pig, but it's quite long so it'll get its own entry.
Yay updates! And in other good news, Sherlock has finally been adopted! I'm so happy for that little guy, he was a dear.

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