Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I always make a point to go to the shelter on holidays. It doesn't mean a thing to the animals, but it's a time for family and they don't really have any, so I like to shower them with treats. And make them pose for photos.
Presenting....the Thanksgiving photoshoot, starring TAS South's small animals! For the record, I totally love Mocha the dove, he was a superstar and had a lot of fun posing with the backdrop.
The rabbits were the hardest to get, since they aren't big fans of standing still, but Sherlock posed very nicely.
It was fun doing the hamsters - Bellatrix is about the same size as those gourds.
Beans is thankful for greens (aka bribery)!
Jenkins is new to the Room - he is a young guinea pig who has quite the wild hair style!
Whiskey here is also new, having just arrived a few days ago. This photo took a lot of work, this boy does not like to stay still!
Arizona is big for a rat, but he's got nothing on that pumpkin! Of course the rattie boys would not pose together for a photo.
Actually, Hudson wouldn't pose at all, he did not see a good reason to stay still when there was so much to explore!
Hershey was not so sure about posing, but he couldn't resist checking out the colourful gourds we were using as props (seriously, those things are really odd).
Ginger, our largest hamster, was still dwarfed by the smallest gourd.
Junior's another newbie, and he is the most chilled-out guinea pig you'll ever meet.
Lewis really enjoyed chewing on the gourd stems. "Who me, I wasn't doing anything!"
Tonks is a shy young guy, but he is really fantastic at posing for photos.
Munchkin was the worst! We tried getting her mom, too, but neither of them would stop running and jumping at top speed. So this shot of her stuffing her face was the best we could do.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sorry for the long post but (as you can see), we're pretty packed and I couldn't resist posting everyone.
Hope you enjoyed the long weekend!


Caroline said...

Great pictures Laura! I love your photos, so nice of you to visit the animals over the holidays. Do you work in photography?? If not you should, animal photos aren't easy to take and yours are amazing!

Laura HP said...

Thank you Caroline! I don't work in photography, but I learned from my mom who has been published a few times. I love photography but I have a lot to learn! :)