Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Hundred Days of Hoarding

It's been 100 days since June 30, when the hoarder hurricane hit the shelter. That's over three months! It simultaneously feels longer and shorter than that. Anyway, I thought I'd review how we're doing, 100 days after 51 animals arrived.
Six rabbits arrived from the hoarder that got cleared for adoption. Three adults (Coraline, Sherlock and Woody) and three babies (Lucy, Puzzle and Checkers). The babies have all been adopted, to three separate homes (that's Puzzle in the photo). Woody was adopted as well, but Sherlock is shy and having a harder time, so he's still waiting.
Coraline, of course, was pregnant and has spent the last two months at my house. She's back at the shelter now awaiting spay. The babies will be joining her by the end of the weekend.
Two of the hoarder rats have been adopted. Alba (above) and Big Ben, who is now renamed Oliver and living a very spoiled life.
Of course, it hasn't been a perfect process, and along the way we lost Maisy. Lilith the hamster also passed away.
Ten hoarder hamsters have been adopted. Sarah Jane and her son Jack, Minerva and her kids Dobby and Hedwig (above), and five of the six pack - Cinnamon, Cappuccino, Coffee, Smokey and Bianca. That's a lot of adopted hamsters! I've heard from Hedwig's new family and they adore her, and Cinnamon's new family sent an awesome update. Smokey is being spoiled by one of our volunteers, Bianca is living in a vet clinic as their office hamster, and Cap'n Jack is living the good life here with me.
Amazingly, there are only four hamsters left waiting for homes: Ginger, Bellatrix and Tonks (above) are at the shelter, and Flitwick will be going back to await his chances this weekend.

After we shipped a bunch off to Rabbit Rescue and some were euthanized after not passing the health check (and some were born!), we ended up with 28 small animals on June 30th.
Sadly, we lost two.
Five rabbits and four hamsters are still waiting.

But seventeen of those animals have been adopted! And that is pretty darn awesome.


Grace R. said...

Don't forget Thelma and Louise and all their babies, too!

Laura HP said...

Ha, how could I forget that family? Thelma and Louise actually didn't come from the hoarder, they just happened to arrive the day before. They were a feat of their own, though!