Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Off They Go

There's been a slew of adoptions lately, it's been awesome! Hershey (in the photo) and Noddy (the youngest baby) have both been adopted, they're just on hold until they can be fixed. Unfortunately, we're quite backed up when it comes to spaying, but at least we know they have somewhere to go when they're ready! On that note, can I just say how proud I am to be at a shelter that neuters and spays all their rabbits? The majority of shelters do dogs and cats, but I am so, so glad we do our rabbits.
Cloud (our grey baby) and Ashley the big grey girl have also been adopted! Ashley was actually adopted by a woman who adopted Mr Guiners the guinea pig from us a few months ago. Apparently they're both doing great! She's sent an update that I'll be posting soon.
The best news of all is that Snowflake & Caramel have been adopted!! The girls have finally found a home after four and a half months of waiting. I'm so glad they got out of there, especially Snowflake, she was so sick of the shelter. Their new family plans to keep them mostly free range, and they will be well loved. So great!
All of our guinea pigs have flown out the door. Harley got adopted first, by someone who specifically wanted him because he was shy (aw). Then Fuzzy got adopted to an awesome home, and I will be posting a fantastic update on him soon. Waldo was the last to go, and he got adopted a few days ago. Winnie and Piglet are in foster care on pregnancy watch, so we are once again guinea pig free!
Finally, Dobby the hamster has been adopted, and so has Angel the dove! It's been a real gold mine of adoptions over the last week. Keep 'em coming!

Carroll, the red-eyed white rabbit, is probably going off to Rabbit Rescue so that we don't have to worry about getting two of those guys adopted. She's guaranteed to find a good home with RR, so huge thanks to them!
I know the space in the Room is going to fill up again, so I'm going to sneak in while I have the chance. All of my remaining fosters will be going back this weekend - Tonks and Flitwick the hamsters, and the rabbit family.
It'll be nice to be foster-free!

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