Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Harry Freaking Potter!

It's Harry Potter day!
Ok, it's not, but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part I) was released today. I've already seen it twice because I'm a total nerd (midnight viewings are the best!). Anyway, being a nerd and prone to photoshoots, I decided to torture my own animals with Harry Potter photos!
Hint: The photos look much better in large, when you click on them!
Molly, our old girl, who was dumped at the shelter with a litter of newborns. She had 7 kids and was super-mom, so we naturally named her after Molly Weasley in Harry Potter!
I love this shot. Alastor, one of Molly's kids, who is named after Mad-Eye Moody from the books due to his crazy red eyes.
Ollivander, another of Molly's kids and Al's brother, who is named after the wandmaker in the books.
Jamie, the final member of our trio of Molly's kids. He broke the HP tradition - he's named after James Bond, because when we were fostering them as babies, we could never find him amongst his siblings! He was a master at disguise.
Giles, named after Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was dumped in a dog park by his charming last owners. He was, um, not pleased with the photoshoot, but did consent to a pretty hilarious head-on shot.
This shot cracks me up. Peggy (full name Pegleg) was dumped at the shelter as a baby with her two brothers. She has stumps for back legs, as she is missing her two back feet. She's also tiny - just a little bigger than the 7th book!
Carmen the canary wouldn't pose (as usual), but the other two obliged. Loki, the cockatiel, is our only non-rescue. Bailey, our lovebird, was rescued from a very abusive past home, and was absolutely fascinated by the display I'd set up.
Captain Jack is named after Captain Jack in Doctor Who and came to us as a foster baby from a hoarding situation that gave us 50 animals. He is possibly the poofiest hamster alive.
Finally Magic, our little boy still waiting on a new name, and who really enjoyed sitting on the book! Magic was born in our house after his mom arrived at the shelter pregnant, and is now four months old. He hates to stay still but he loved the photoshoot.
Man, I've really exposed my geek side with these names (and this post), haven't I? Ah well. Woohoo Harry Potter!!


Marg said...

Ha, ha, super geeks are us-get a load of those names!

Maybe someone will suggest something good for the Baby?

Anonymous said...

this is absolutely adorable!!

gracerock said...

Hilarious!! LOL

Being a huge HP fan and a Doctoer Who fan (and Torchwood, of course!) as well, I can appreciate all of these names and the photo shoot. Too cute!

Kylie said...

I am a huge fan of harry potter... And never never I would let animals especially rabbits on my book collection. I am pretty sure will chew it as if it is not very important to me. That is the reason why sometimes I feel that bunnies are so selfish. All they think about is their selves. Good thing I have a rabbit hutch where I could keep them when I am away.

Caroline said...

Hi Laura,

Wow what a display! I love your photo shoots! Have you thought about window design as a career, they have a course at Seneca College and your mini designs remind me of it. I've never been so tempted to get a hamster!